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Unlikely Ire: Dan Neil excoriates 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder

2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder – Click above for high-res image gallery

Pulitzer winner Dan Neil reportedly leaves Los Angeles Times for Wall Street Journal

Dan Neil, an automotive journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 2004 for his weekly column Rumble Seat in the Los Angeles Times, is reportedly leaving his job in Los Angeles to serve as the automotive columnist for The Wal

VIDEO: Dan Neil drives the Audi eTron, tells Musk and Fisker to watch out

Dan Neil drives the Audi e-tron – Click above to watch video

VIDEO: Dan Neil drives the Audi eTron, tells Musk and Fisker to watch out

Dan Neil drives the Audi e-tron – Click above to watch video

AltCar 2009: Dan Neil, "Some Inconvenient Questions," and GM hints it could sell Chevy Volt gliders

On top of the test drives (Wheego Whip), test rides (Coda Sedan) and a visit to the unlimited energy booth, a highlight of the AltCar Expo last weekend was ge

Time Magazine lists its "10 Most Exciting Vehicles of 2010" - Do you agree?

Time Magazine's 10 Most Exciting Vehicles of 2010 - Click above to begin

Greg Blencoe finds 20 great hydrogen news items

Click above for a gallery of the FCX Clarity

Los Angeles Times kills autos section

No flowers, no cake, not even a eulogy. The Los Angeles Times has delivered its auto section an ignominious ending. Tucked among Dan Neil's Pulitzer-winning prose was a small, unceremonious Editor's Note notifying readers of the change in a matter-of-fact fashion. Circulation figures are down, advertising revenues are way down, and the LA Times' ownership, Chicago's Tribune Company, has been desperately slashing for years now, trying to return profitability. Fans of Da

Dan Neil doesn't think the ForTwo is so Smart

Dan Neil of the LA Times recently got a chance to spend some time with the new Smart ForTwo and came away less than impressed. The performance of the little three cylinder works fine in city driving but is barely adequate for getting on the highway. The tiny two seater was designed to get around the narrower streets of old European cities but apparently doesn't get much benefit on the wider streets of

Eco-weenie has eco-tizzy over global warming: Dan Neil's hilarious homage to carbon counting

In Sunday's LA Times, Dan Neil exorcises his guilt over climate change with a humorous essay that does give a hint to his serious efforts in fighting a global problem. He has converted to compact fluorescent lights and recycled "everything but the cat." But over-analyzing the carbon footprint of every purchase makes him an "awful party host." What harmful emissions were spewed int

LA Times' Dan Neil likes the Nissan Altima Hybrid

The Los Angeles Times' Dan Neil recently wrote a review of the new 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid and, well, he pretty much likes it. In many respects it's very much like a new Toyota Camry Hybrid, which is to be expected since Nissan is licensing the battery and control technology for their first hybrid vehicle from Toyota. The Altima loses some trunk space to the battery and e

LA Times' Dan Neil gushes over Tesla Roadster

Calling it dead-sexy, L.A. Times' Pulitzer-winning auto critic Dan Niel drained the batteries on a Tesla Roadster but came away with a positive charge in his heart and soul. In a video that accompanies his written review, Neil said, "You know, it's easy to the lose sight of the fact that this is really a historic automobil

LA Times says the Saturn Vue Green Line hybrid is really more chartreuse

When is a hybrid not really a hybrid? When it's a "mild" hybrid, with a battery pack that can slightly improve fuel economy, but cannot drive the car on its own. The Saturn Vue Green Line is one of these mild hybrids, and the LA Times' Dan Neil was certainly unimpressed with it. He calls the Vue "as conventional as Victorian sex", a great phrase to describe this unex