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Open mouth. Insert foot. The Governor of Michigan's husband, Daniel Mulhern, has a weekly e-mail newsletter in which he talks about business leadership called Reading for Leading. In this week's edition he gushes over an automaker he thinks shows exemplary management style - Toyota. Pause. Did that sink in yet? It didn't strike many as a good use of judgement, including the good folks over at the Detroit News. In his column (accessible through the read link), News reporter Daniel Howes called th

Daniel Howes of The Detroit News has written a piece on the project that was supposed to pave the way for Ford's Way Forward turnaround plan. It wasn't as big as Alan Mulally coming in or the restructuring plans now in effect, but it did involve Clinton White House consultants using polling and campaign techniques to turn around Ford's image before the company itself tried to do an about face. It was known as "180 degrees in 180 days." Even though most political campaigns are very short-term and