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The trunk lock cylinder on your vehicle is responsible for triggering the latch mechanism that opens the trunk when you turn the key.

Removing a cylinder head is a tough job.

Lock cylinders are used in a wide variety of key-locking devices.

When a driver wishes to start their car, typically it's as simple as inserting a key and turning it forward.

The coolant temperature sensor in your vehicle’s cylinder head plays a key role in the engine’s operation.

A clutch slave cylinder is a member of the clutch system that provides leverage assistance to the clutch fork.

One of the easiest ways to gain 20 to 30 horsepower is to purchase ported and polished aftermarket cylinder heads.

A clutch master cylinder is a part of the clutch system that provides leverage assistance to the operator.

Removing the head is a major step in removing the cylinder head.

The engine cylinder head has many passages for coolant and oil and can build up dirt over the life of the engine.

The cylinder head gasket is a seal located between the engine block and cylinder head assembly.

A clutch master cylinder contains a reservoir with brake fluid.

Whether you’re building a new engine and you need the metric, or you’re curious to know how efficient your car uses fuel, you have to be able to calculate the engine’s compression ratio.

Among the most important parts of any engine is the oil that is contained within it.

The clutch master cylinder is linked to the clutch slave cylinder through a series of hoses.

The fluid that flows through the braking system in your car is what helps to provide the pressure needed to stop a car.

When it comes to sealing an engine, the gasket is the hardworking soldier that takes a tremendous amount of abuse but is typically never recognized for its effort.

For more than 100 years, the four cycle combustion engine has utilized the same method for creating power.

The cylinder head temperature sensor is an electronic engine management sensor found on many modern vehicles today.

A clutch master cylinder is a component found on vehicles equipped with manual transmission, and serves as the pump for the hydraulically operated clutch system.