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Construction crews and people towing fifth wheel trailers have long admired the Cummins diesel engines in the Dodge Ram pickups. They offered enormous quantities of torque and relatively decent fuel economy considering the performance they offered. Now Chrysler has announced that they'll have an all-new Cummins diesel available in their light duty trucks starting 2009. The engines will use clean diesel technology and be fifty state legal. Compared to gas engines they get thirty percent better fu

Just about every segment of the diesel market has made the upgrades necessary to meet tough 2007 emissions standards. Cummins recently announced that its popular motor home applications, including the ISX, ISM (shown), ISC, ISL and ISB engines, are also compliant. Changes include a particulate filter and crankcase ventilation system. The turbo has also been tweaked for improved response. The engine upgrades coincide with the complete switch to ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel a few months ago. I und

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has completed testing of diesel and biodiesel on nine buses in a Boulder, Colorado project. The buses each racked up over 100,000 miles along the 16-mile "Skip" route in the city. Five buses ran on B20, the other four on standard petroleum diesel. NREL used standard 2000 model year Orion V buses with Cummins ISM engines that got about 4.41 mpg on the route using either diesel or biodiesel (laboratory testing had suggested a two percent drop in fuel econom

New restrictions on U.S. diesel vehicle emissions did not stop Dodge from unleashing a new 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel engine a little over a week ago. This engine will be available in 2007 Ram 2500/3500 pickups, and can handle a little bit of biodiesel. But what's this about DaimlerChrysler and the National Biodiesel Board's upcoming "big announcement"?