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From the looks of it, Citroën's newest concept car, the all-terrain Cruise Crosser from the Espera Sbarro School, you wouldn't think of it as green. I mean, the press photos show the six-wheeled behemoth driving over desolate landscapes (snow, desert; the apocalypse has obviously happened but the Cruise Crosser is still on the go). But those six wheels hide the fact that the third axle is actually powered by an electric motor that can move the vehicle in zero-emission mode.

When we first saw the Sbarro name on the list of manufacturers due to present during the second day of the Geneva show, it took us a few minutes to recall the name, beyond our bad experiences at the mall pizza joint. We don't remember the last time we saw one of their concepts, since the last one that stuck out was their 2001 Christelle that was, shall we say, not so aesthetically pleasing. After some digging, we came across their website which has vehicles that date as far back as 1960, with th