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If some governments proudly say that the way out of our economic problems is by investing in new technologies, here's a story that shows that they might not be right. One important player in the so-called "hydrogen economy," Air Products (previous posts), is dealing with the hard times by laying off 1,300 of its workers worldwide. Although the company spots minimal debt, the cuts were planned to lower structural costs and will save Air Products an estimated $50 million in 2009 and $110 million i

You don't need to be a market analyst or have a Ph.D. in economics to understand that GM could benefit from axing its gas guzzlers. However, finding the right models to put on the death list isn't an easy task. There is speculation that GM's compact pick-ups, the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon, will be included, as well as the Cadillac DTS and XLR and several other models. Buick's Luzerne could also be eliminated, as it shares its platform with the Caddy DTS, but Buick could get a full-sized, rea