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Video: Mass. Doctor Charged In Brutal Crash

Police say she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol

WELLESLEY, Mass. - A one-time doctor of the year at a hospital near Boston has pleaded not guilty to driving drunk and under the influence of prescription drugs, which led to a scary crash.

Video: Fórmula Truck - The bigger they race, the bigger they crash

When worlds Fórmula Trucks collide – Click above to watch video after the jump

Video: 24 Hours of LeMons Ford Escort ZX2 flips out

Rubbing is Racing - click above to watch the video

VIDEO: From the "Not What We Meant" file - this Porsche flies

Kelvin Burns was racing along in his Porsche, tearing up the track in Thruxton, England when the car got out of shape and performed a Triple Lindy over the fence and off the track. 0-60 Magazine has video highlights culled from the broadcast of the race, which features a shockingly intimate angle of the crash. It appears that a small bit of contact at a very wrong moment will send your 911 twirling through the air, right past a cameraman with titanium nerves, neatly landing in the perfe

Top Gear video: how to mess up a perfectly good kayak

How do you take a completely carbon free form of transportation and mess it all up? By strapping a jet engine onto a kayak, and then proceeding to race it against a 4X4 Land Rover... thing! Richard Hammond from Top Gear says that the kayak is rubbish without an engine. The inventor of the machine has kayak'ed down a 65 foot vertical drop, so he is probably the perfect person to pilot a machine such as this one, especially considering that this