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With 10.2 million fleet vehicles in use in the U.S., innovative start-up company Alte saw a market opportunity to develop a plug-in hybrid conversion that would transform the nation's inefficient vehicles into the fleet of the future. The company, founded less than two short years ago, hopes to convert 500,000 fleet vehicles over to extended-range plug-in hybrids in the next six years. While conversions are quite a regular occurrence, Alte offers something that most don't: a 50,000 mile powertra

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Driving a car that's had more than a few birthdays and wish you could make it greener? Whether your concern is centered on air quality, climate change or just saving a few bucks as fuel prices rise, there are many ways you can accomplish this goal using your common sense or perhaps a little modern technology. We've compiled some of these for your perusal below the fold but since we have some pretty astute readers, we hope you'll leave your own suggestions in the comments section as well.

A local Denver station did a news report about Salida Conversions, a shop that can convert almost any vehicle into a hybrid in just two days. The vehicle has to be rear wheel drive and have an automatic transmission for Salida to install the electric motor on the drive shaft. The conversions, which cost $7,000, use four lead acid batteries, (they don't say how they are charged) and the system talks to the car's computer.