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Continental has developed a smart NOx sensor to help manage automotive emissions and Automotive News has recognized it with a nomination for its annual PACE awards. As more and more sensors are added to cars, suppliers are trying to drive down the cost by increasing the level of integration. Typically, when new sensors are introduced, they have separate power supplies and control electronics. Combining these into a single unit allows the vehicle engineers to reduce the amount of wiring and eases

One of the keys to making the latest generation of diesel engines as clean and efficient as they are has been common rail injection systems and, more recently, piezo electric injectors. Continental Automotive Systems has just introduced a new type of piezo injector that may take diesels to the next level. Earlier injectors used electro-magnetic solenoids to move the injector needles allowing fuel to flow into the combustion chamber. Piezo injectors use a stack of piezo crystal plates that expand