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Back in April we told you about New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's plan to adopt a London-like anti-congestion fee for Gotham. Cars entering the area below 86th Street in Manhattan would be slapped with an $8 congestion charge. Gridlock is frequently crippling in this crowded midtown business district, so discouraging drivers with a surcharge was seen as a possible solution. Well, motorists can relax, at least for now. The plan has been put on the backburner.

New York's mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is ready to steal a page from his London counterpart's handbook and announce plans to hit drivers who bring their cars into Manhattan below 86th street with an $8 congestion charge in a bid to ease gridlock in the city's crowded midtown business district. The fee would include the existing bridge and tunnel tolls drivers currently have to pay. Some people are understandably upset, and opposition groups are said to be forming in the outer boroughs.