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With all the negative publicity about corn ethanol lately there hasn't been much discussion about another longer chain alcohol, specifically butanol. Like other alcohols, it makes a good motor fuel and it can also be synthesized from biomass. Mountainview, CA-based Cobalt Biofuels has raised a $25 million round of venture funding toward its goal of commercializing biobutanol. The company has developed a microbe-based process for producing butanol from non-food biomass. The new funding will be us

When most people think of biofuels, the usual suspects that first sprint to mind are ethanol and biodiesel. That's not to say, though, that these are the only game in town. There's another player for a non-petroleum alcohol fuel that could displace gasoline in the form of butanol, which can be distilled in a similar manner as ethanol. There are many proponents for biobutanol who claim that the fuel is superior to its ethanol sibling, and there may be some truth to those claims. Butanol can run i