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The President has at least one fan of his vague call last week to halt to greenhouse gas emissions growth in the U.S. by 2025. Kind of.

How bad is the National Research Council's report about climate change's potential impact on America's transportation system? NPR says it has warnings of "Biblical proportions." 60,000 miles of highways, major airports, railroads, low-lying tunnels and ports are at risk of damage from changes in the climate. Climate change will cause roads to buckle, bridge joints to be stressed, railroad tracks to be deformed and will keep planes grounded because of the heat. In the Arctic, permafrost, the soli

By 2050, automobile travel would need to be cut (slashed, reduced, curtailed) by 80 percent. This is the finding in an upcoming paper to be published in the scholarly journal, Energy Policy. The authors claim that the drastic reduction will be needed to meet the emissions levels recommended by economist Ross Garnaut in an interim report for the government of Australia. Those levels are the target in order to avoid the worst of what upcoming climate change has to offer the vulnerable land down un

There is a United Nations climate conference in Bali with 10,000 delegates from 178 countries working on the international agreement that will replace the Kyoto Protocol. You might think the delegates are getting around in stretch limos before they go to the beach, but it turns out there are green transport options at the conference. Reuters reports there is a bike share program with 200 bikes, 120 shuttle buses carrying everyone around and a car ban. I did spot a Prius in the CNN video of the c