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The guys that make all the traditionally staid staff at NPR cringe whenever they come on the air will be making an appearance on NOVA this week. Tom and Ray Magliozzi will be going in search of the car of the future on the PBS science show on April 22 (which is, of course, Earth Day). To those of you who listen to NPR on Saturdays, Tom and Ray are more commonly known as the "comedic" mechanics Click and Clack who host Car Talk. Having heard these guys in the past, I'm not sure how much they know

Take one part NOVA (the PBS show), two parts Click and Clack, and a smattering of narrator John Lithgow and open source mentality and you've got the blueprint for the upcoming "Car of the Future" show. This program will air on public television stations in the U.S. at 8 pm on Earth Day, April 22nd (a day that will also mark AutoblogGreen's 2nd birthday). The NOVA cameras follow Tom and Ray Magliozzi (why is is never Ray and Tom?) through "showrooms, labs and test tracks on the road to perfecting