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Scientist wants automakers held accountable for how electricty is generated for plug-ins

A lot of interesting conversation takes place annually at the SAE World Congress. The conference brings together heads of companies, scientists, engineers and people from many other walks of life. With so much diversity present at a single event, it's only a matter of time before some off-the-wall idea got bounced around for adamant attendees to duke it out.

Miss Electric and the EV Grrls webshow focuses on electric future, needs your help

Miss Electric (aka Shannon Arvizu, former ABG'er) and the EV Grrls are in the process of creating an eight-part web show in search of the cleanest, hottest cars of the future. The show puts the crew on a mission to inform the world about revolutionizing the way we drive.

Locavolts? Food sourcing issues coming to the energy discussion

If you're at all familiar with the hardcore environmentalist mindset, then you know that there is really no limit to how far you can take thinking about your impact on the world. Locavore, the 2007 New Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year, for example, means someone who only (or m

GM and Clean Energy to open hydrogen station near LAX

General Motors is announcing a new partnership today with Clean Energy to install a hydrogen filling station near Los Angeles International Airport. Clean Energy is a California-based company that currently operates 170 compressed natural gas filling stations around the country and the new LAX hydrogen station will be on the same site with a CNG station. The new LAX station to be operated by Clean Energy will be available to participants in GM's Project Driveway fuel cell field test program. Acc

Tides of change: San Francisco to study use of underwater turbines to generate power

While wind turbines provide a clean source of energy, they still have a number of short-comings as well as vocal opponents who often come from the sore-sight front. San Francisco, which probably wouldn't have the space for a field of wind turbines anyway, is proposing to decrease the city's dependence on foreign oil by implementing turbines submerged underwater that would sit on the floor of the Bay. Preliminary studies say that San Francisco's tides and currents could generate enough power to l

Boone Pickens gets LNG plant named after him in Texas

In a story that sounds like it could have come from the county music press, Boone Pickens is getting some props. Pickens is not a famous banjo player but instead one of the founders of Clean Energy (the company calls itself North America's leader in clean transportation and refers to Pickens as "perhaps America's most outspoken advocate of natural gas as a transportation fuel"). P