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The city of Glendale, CA operates a fleet of compressed natural gas-fueled vehicles and now those vehicles will have access to a new fueling station. Clean Energy Fuels will be building a new CNG station that will also be accessible to the public (anyone wish they had a CNG Camry now?). Glendale operates transit buses, shuttle buses, garbage trucks and other municipal vehicles on compressed natural gas. Clean Energy has a 10 year contract to operate the station, which will be located near the Bo

Talk about going full circle. A garbage truck running on methane picks up the trash out in front of your home and deposits it in a landfill. Over the next few years, that garbage begins to deteriorate, releasing methane gas in the process. That methane waste gas is captured and re-used by the same garbage trucks to pick up your trash. While we aren't necessarily proponents for landfills, at least some good can come out of their creation. Methane gas is a pretty horrible greenhouse gas, so it's m