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Clean Air Power to supply dual-fuel system for Volvo buses

Clean Air Power, a developer of dual-fuel combustion technology that enable engines to operate on both diesel and natural gas, has inked a deal to supply Volvo Bus Corporation with its dual-fuel systems. Volvo will outfit 11 of its conventional buses with Clean Air Power's dual-fuel system and aims to have these coaches servicing routes in Sweden by summer. Once in action, the 11 vehicles will become Volvo's first batch of buses that can operate

British supermarket chain Sainsbury's to use biomethane in its trucks

Clean Air Power has announced that one of Britain's largest supermarket chains, Sainsbury's, has signed a contract with them to expand the use of biomethane in their trucks. Back in August 2007, Sainsbury's tried Clean Air's technology for the first time and in August 2008, it began to operate one of its Mercedes-Benz Axor Euro 3 vehicles fitted with Clean Air Power's Genesis' Dual-Fuel combustion technology. The system will now be used in five additional units. The system burns biomethane mixed

New Wiseman milk trucks powered by diesel, LNG in the UK

Two dairy tractor units are cruising delivery routes in NW England and Scotland carrying three main liquids: milk, diesel and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The trucks can be powered by two of those three fuels and the driver could be powered by the other. Robert Wiseman Dairies, a large fresh liquid milk processor in the UK, recently took delivery of the two DAF Dual-FuelTM gas/diesel trucks from Clean Air Power and, if the statement from CAP can be

Clean Air Power coming to Mitchell Corp. freight trucks in Australia

The last time we mentioned Clean Air Power on AutoblogGreen, readers went back and forth a little bit on whether the natural gas injection into a diesel system was really a good thing. So, feel free to discuss that issue again, but the news out this week was that the UK-based Clean Air Power won a £1.5m contract to supply the patented Dual-Fuel gas/diesel truck engine system into a freight company's trucks in Perth, Australia. The company is the

Diesel-natural gas dual-fuel retro-fit systems from Clean Air Power coming out clean

Using a bit of diesel fuel to ignite natural gas in an engine is one way to provide high-power output with lowered emissions. Clean Air Power, which has a unique retro-fit system that gives an engine dual-fuel capability, recently completed trials meant to figure out the benefits of integrating versus retro-fitting its products, and discovered that the cost and CO2 emissions savings are better with the contemporary integrated system.

Clean Air Power's diesel-natural gas conversion system could help Britain reach Kyoto targets

The emissions reductions set forth in the Kyoto Protocol are an ambitious goal, and a lot of countries are struggling to reach them. Britain, for example, will most likely not be able to reduce its carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2010, the BBC recently reported. Clean Air Power, which has come up with a Dual-Fuel system that converts heavy duty diesel engines to run on natural gas (with diesel still in the mix to act as a liquid spark plug), wants to