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The little post I put up last night forecasted gas prices hitting maybe around $3.10 (on average) in the United States this summer. The pro-fuel efficiency group 40mpg.org says that most Americans (72 percent) believe prices will climb even higher in the next few months.

There is a lot at stake in American politics this election season. Green cars and biofuels are not the most important issues for voters to be concerned about, but they do cut across party lines. As one recent study found, 71 percent of likely voters think that buying a fuel-efficient car is "patriotic". The study, put out by the Civil Society Institute, found that there are an estimated 45 million "Red, White and Green" voters (as they're calling them). People in this group self-describe as libe

Hybrid drivers already get special perks in some areas by being able to drive in high-occupancy lanes (and, of course, you could call using less gasoline a perk), but they may soon speak with a more unified voice for more legislative benefits, if the new group Hybrid Owners of America (HOA) gets its way. The group was announced and the HOA website went live yesterday. The site will try to get the estimated 500,000 American hybrid owners to work together to lift the Federal tax cap on hybrids, ga