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Report: Honda's Civic Hybrid software fix hurting real-world mpg for some

Honda Civic Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery

Honda R&D President says automaker "lacks confidence" in viability of EVs

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Upscale small cars face hard times against hybrid rivals

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Honda rolls out low financing rates for best-selling Civic

The Civic has been a pillar of the Honda lineup for decades, and high gas prices have made it even more important to the Japanese automaker's success here in the U.S. Back in May and June, Honda couldn't make enough Civics, but with the auto industry here in the States imploding, even Honda's little money maker needs incentives. Right now, buyers with good credit can pick up a brand new 2008 or 20

Honda's next hybrid could revive Insight name

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Honda Civic Tour featuring Panic At The Disco has begun

We've been over the Civic Hybrid which was decorated by Panic At The Disco before, along with the dates and locations where fans of the band (or the car) can pick up the associated tour. Therefore, this is just a friendly reminder that the tour itself started on Friday, April 10

Honda readies new hybrid attack, calling the Civic Hybrid a mistake

Honda CEO Takeo Fukui has said Honda will now take the hybrid war seriously, with a claim that, "The real competition has just begun." Honda is planning to come out with a hybrid-only model in early 2009 that will provide genuine competition for the Toyota Prius.

IKEA UK shifts fleet to Civic hybrids

IKEA UK, like so many other companies, has a policy in place to reduce CO2 emissions and be an all around greener company. One way they're doing this is shifting to a fleet with nothing but hybrids, and the lucky car company to get all those orders is Honda. Specifically, IKEA UK will use only Civic hybrids for its fleet vehicles. Fifty are on the way this year, and more in 2008. I'm not sure which cars will get the boot to make room for the Civics.

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