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Honda recalling 50,000 new Civic models over driveshaft fear

Honda has issued a voluntary recall of its 2012 Civic over a potential issue with the left driveshaft. There are 50,000 cars that might be affected by an improperly assembled part. The fault can lead to the shaft dislodging from the outer CV joint while the car is moving, resulting in a loss of power and the inability to prevent the car from rolling away in certain conditions when the car is parked.

Wheels could fall off on 182,000 recalled Honda Civics

Honda Civics are generally respected as reliable transportation, and aren't supposed to be prone to things like, say, wheels falling off. But that's the reason Honda is recalling more than 182,000 of them made in 2006-2007.

Honda recalling 45,000 Civic hybrids worldwide

Reuters is reporting that 45,335 Honda Civic hybrids are being recalled because of a faulty voltage converter that has the potential to short circuit and stop the engine. The affected cars are 2006 model year Civic hybrids that were built between September 2005 and September 2006. Most of these hybrids (31,123) are in the U.S. and most of the rest (7,129) are in Japan. Each repair will cost Honda $44 (5,300 yen), for a total o