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Two weeks ago Fiat and Chrysler unleashed an ambitious five-year plan to return Detroit's number three automaker to financial and product health. The plan called for 14 all-new models based mostly on Fiat platforms and ten more vehicles which will receive much-needed attention. While Senator John McCain isn't so sure Chrysler will survive the next few years, Obama Auto Task Force Chief Ron Bloom likes what he sees.

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Now that we've had a chance to digest the future business plan from Ford, which was sent to Congress this morning, General Motors and Chrysler have followed suit with documents of their own. Unlike Ford, both Chrysler and GM claim that they need money right away just to keep the lights turned on for 2009. As was the case with Ford, both GM and Chrysler have emphasized an increased investment in fuel saving technologies as one of the main reasons the they need federal help. Chrysler is asking for

Chrysler has unveiled a few plans for the future and, rather than using past successes to carve the path, will adapt its course according to the changing market. While speaking at the recent Western Automotive Journalists' dinner, Chrysler President Jim Press touched on the need to generate brand identity amongst Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler. While each brand currently has a core theme, Jeep – off-road, Dodge – volume and performance, Chrysler – affordable luxury, there have been m