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With the Democratic National Convention wrapping up tonight and the Republicans getting ready for their convention next week, this is a good time to take a look at one of the automakers who is/will be at both events. Chrysler's VP of external affairs, John Bozzella, talked about his experiences in Denver this week trying to get "Congressional support for funding the auto industry's technology transformation to build a new fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles." Please, don't call it a bailout.

As we mentioned last week, Chrysler is getting into the hybrid and electric car game through Envi, a semi-independent unit dedicated to electric drive vehicles. Pro-automobile Michigan residents (that's almost a redundant phrase there) can be proud that Chrysler has announced that ENVI will be located in Auburn Hills. But, as Sven Gustafson, writing for the Oakland Business Review, found when he spoke to industry insiders about the new environmental endeavor, some things about Envi aren't as cle

Perhaps growing a little tired of all the media attention being focused on their competitors electrically driven vehicles such as GM's E-Flex and fuel cell work, Chrysler has announced ENVI. ENVI is a new organization within Chrysler that will operate as a sort of skunk-works focused on electrically driven vehicles. The new team is being setup to function semi-independently like a start-up company.