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Hyundai officially denies interest in Chrysler LLC

Despite Reuters reports of Hyundai's interest in Chrysler and specifically the Jeep brand, Hyundai has gone on record denying it. We've grown accustomed to automakers giving the arbitrary "no comment" response when the rumormill swirls with corporate takeover talk, but Hyundai has flat-out denied any interest at all. Almost in the same sentence, though, officials from the Korean automaker state that the co

Hyundai: Newest Chrysler suitor?

On the same day that General Motors announced it would be discontinuing talks with Cerberus over a possible purchase of Chrysler, news hits by way of Reuters that a replacement suitor has sprung up. Wow, that didn't take long. The latest partner is none other than Hyundai, Korea's largest automaker. Not surprisingly, it's the Jeep brand that is again taking center stage according to

Jim Press downplays Chrysler merger talk

The automotive world is abuzz with rumors and speculation regarding a possible Chrysler merger, and with good reason. It appears Cerberus, which owns 80.1% of Chrysler LLC, may be ready to wash its hands of the auto industry, and either General Motors, Nissan, or some other entity altogether coul

Rumormill: Chrysler cancels development of Phoenix V6 engines

The Chrysler rumormill is running at full steam for obvious reasons, and the latest talk surrounds Chrysler and its $3 billion Phoenix V6 engine program. Word on the street is that the project has been canceled, which makes abundant sense if in fact a Chrysler merger is

GM wants Chrysler deal done soon, might not be able to get the cash

General Motors and Cerberus reportedly want to act as quickly as possible if they are going to make a move on Chrysler. It seems that the two bargainers would like to come to a decision before the upcoming Presidential elections, as they believe they may get more promises from either candidate before the actual vote takes place. A potential problem exists though, as General Motors is finding it tough to come up with the cash needed to make a deal happen and banks aren't about the lend it to them

REPORT: GM could consume Chrysler in one bite

In 1987, Chrysler purchased the American Motors Corporation from Renault, and all AMC models ceased to exist shortly thereafter. The only survivor was Jeep, which was really the only brand worth rescuing. Could something similar happen today if GM "merges" with Chrysler? Once again, Chrysler's most desirable asset is the Jeep brand, along with its minivans – a segment that General Motors has completely abandoned in favor of three-row cr

In addition to Nissan/Renault, Chrysler has been talking with Tata, Fiat

Bob Nardelli, Chrysler's current CEO, has given his employees the closest thing to an admission as we are likely to see that the company has been in serious negotiations with other automakers regarding future product plans and possibly even mergers. As has been widely reported over the weekend, Chrysler ha

Chrysler-Chery alliance to be finalized in Beijing tomorrow

The long-awaited merger between Chrysler and Chinese automaker Chery will be finalized in Beijing tomorrow, Reuters is reporting. The deal floated in and out of the news as Chrysler was sold to Cerberus Capital Management by DaimlerChrysler AG, but now that's everything is about to be squared away,