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Can this really be happening all over again? Weeks after merger talks between Chrysler and GM seemed to implode, the companies may be talking about hooking up again, according to the Wall Street Journal. General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC have reportedly stepped back into the negotiation room after Chrysler owner Cerberus Capital Management LP said that maybe, just maybe, it's willing to give up some ownership in the Pentastar. In fact, it may be that Cerberus has started this latest round of

Chrysler LLC just released a statement from Bob Nardelli in which the CEO responds, in a way, to General Motors' third quarter earnings report. In the report, GM acknowledged that it had "recently explored the possibility of a strategic acquisition". While not citing Chrysler by name, we all know the strategic acquisition in question is the Auburn Hills-based automaker currently owned by private equity group Cerberus Capital Management. Nardelli responds by comically not confirming that his comp

General Motors and Cerberus reportedly want to act as quickly as possible if they are going to make a move on Chrysler. It seems that the two bargainers would like to come to a decision before the upcoming Presidential elections, as they believe they may get more promises from either candidate before the actual vote takes place. A potential problem exists though, as General Motors is finding it tough to come up with the cash needed to make a deal happen and banks aren't about the lend it to them

One aspect of the possible GM/Chrysler merger often overlooked is that Daimler didn't completely divest itself of its Chrysler ownership back in early 2007, and the German automaker's 19.9% stake could get in the way of any deal. Daimler has been clear that it is disinterested in becoming part of some Detroit super conglomerate, and Automotive News is reporting that Cerberus is close to a deal to buy up the remaining 19.9% stake. Also part of the rumor mill is possible involvement with Renault/N

The latest rumors regarding Cerberus-owned Chrysler and its possible sale point to the breakup of Chrysler's assets, and in particular its brands. General Motors may be interested in bits and pieces of its cross-town rival, but perhaps not the entire automaker. Jeep is considered Chrysler's most valuable asset and was purchased by the automaker from Renault in the '80s, around the same time that AMC ceased to exist. A similar scenario may put Jeep back in the hands of Renault. This purchase coul

Will the blending of Maximimum Bob and Minimum Bob be like putting matter and anti-matter together? We may find out sooner than expected if what CNBC is reporting is accurate. The possible merger deal between General Motors and Chrysler that hit the web waves recently will reportedly be concluded in the next two weeks one way or the other. Although original reports of talks between the two automakers indicated that they had walked away from the table already, it now appears the negotiations are