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Things were just starting to look up for Chrysler's upcoming powertrains. The Phoenix V6 will hopefully return competitiveness to the engine bays of Pentastar vehicles, and a dual-clutch automated manual transmission joint venture with Getrag was nearly off the ground before both companies started shoving lawyers at each other. A joint venture plant has been built in Indiana, but the deal fell apart over money for tooling. Chrysler's shot a lawsuit at Getrag, alleging that the transmission speci

The current credit crisis could be playing further havoc with Chrysler's future powertrain product plans. In the first half of 2007, Chrysler announced investment plans to build two new engine plants and a transmission plant for 2010 model cars. The transmission facility was to be a joint venture with Getrag to build fuel saving dual clutch transmissions. Chrysler already offers German-built Getrag DCTs in the European specification Journey and Sebring. Unfortunately Getrag's apparent inability

Chrysler has managed to stay out of the doom and gloom news for a few weeks now, which goes to show that going private can have its benefits. But things couldn't stay quiet forever, and as if the company needed something else to deal with, it's now in row with German transmission supplier Getrag over a potentially failed joint venture.