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Frank Klegon on Chrysler's diesel future

Over on the new Chrysler Blog, Product Development boss Frank Klegon has put up a post about diesels at Chrysler. Chrysler has said on several occasions that they expect diesels to eventually make up fifteen percent of the US market over the next decade, a figure comparable to what they expect for hybrids. Now that Chrysler is independent again, they intend to continue working with Mercedes-Benz on diesel systems, including the

New GM diesel to get almost 30 mpg in full size trucks

Even though the Senate has now passed a new energy bill that includes requirements for fleet fuel economy average of 35mpg by 2020 we still have a ways to go before the House passes it, the bill gets reconciled and ultimately signed into law. Nonetheless, the car makers have to get down to work and start cranking up the fuel economy of their vehicles, especially the larger trucks. All three of the domestic automakers have announced plans to add new diesel engines for their light duty trucks by t

If Daimler dumps Chrysler, what happens to diesel supplies?

Last fall when Chrysler first showed the Dodge Avenger concept at the Paris Motor Show it had a diesel engine it. At the Detroit Auto Show, the Jeep Trailhawk concept had a Mercedes BlueTec diesel V-6 and now Grand Cherokee is available in production with the same engine. Chrysler has also indicated plans to use Mercedes diesel engines in a variety of other vehicles, including the minivans, in the coming years

Chrysler dropping Jeep Liberty diesel

A week after announcing the diesel-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee, DaimlerChrysler announced on Monday that it has stopped production of its diesel Jeep Liberty.