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With the February 17th deadline for proving its long-term viability looming, Chrysler LLC has reportedly launched a new round of buyouts for hourly workers. Word comes from an unidentified United Auto Workers official that Chrysler hopes to off load an unknown number of workers eligible for retirement and replace them with new hires that would earn half as much ($14/hr instead of $28) and receive half as many benefits. Unfortunately for those veteran workers who didn't take the automaker's buyou

If Cerberus is ever going to shed itself of Chrysler, it looks like a deal will happen with soon-to-be former rival General Motors. Automotive News is reporting that no further talks have been scheduled between Nissan/Renault and the Auburn Hills-based automaker, as Cerberus has determined that the General can provide a sweeter deal that may also be better for the auto industry. It doesn't help that Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn has decried that a deal between the two doesn't make sense during

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