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Epic Boats introduces all-electric wakeboard craft

2010 Epic Boats 21se – Click above for high-res image gallery

Aptera update: Vacation instead of ousters?

We're still waiting for an official response from Aptera Motors on the ouster of top company members Steve Fambro, Chris Anthony and others, but Popular Mechanics has been able to get a bit more information about the "boardroom showdown" and it may not be as bad Sebastian Blanco

RUMORMILL: Aptera co-founders booted, staff slashed!

A website devoted to following the development of that futuristic vision of automotive efficiency known as the Aptera has spent much of the month of November in stomach-knotting suspense as rumors began flowing that CEO Paul Wilbur and company directors were planning significant staff cuts (thread here). According to multiple anonymous sources, the blood-letting began in e

Aptera co-founder launches hybrid electric wake boat

Click above for a high-res gallery of the EPIC 23e