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Today marks a big moment in the history of Autoblog as we welcome back one of our own. Chris Paukert has returned to become Executive Editor of Autoblog after having left us back in 2006 to join Winding Road. Chris joins me (Editor-in-Chief) and Damon Lavrinc (Road Test Editor) as the third member of our full-time staff and 15th member of the larger team of dedicated bloggers that work 24/7 to share our passion of autos with you.

A former Autoblogger is in need of your help. Chris Paukert, current online editor for Winding Road, former Autoblog editor and, at least next week, official lucky bastard, had a visit from his boss who promised him the keys to a Lamborghini LP640 roadster for a day. Paukert has a gas card, the company credit cards, and 24 hours to shoot the shoot the car for his March issue before the bull goes back in its cage.