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There sure are lots of two-wheelers coming from China these days. Still, there are plenty that stay in China and are ridden by those who can't quite swing the cost of a car or its fuel. Many of these mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are powered by gas, but there is a growing number of electric two-wheelers in China as well. Oddly, in Yungang district, Shenzhen, all two-wheeled vehicles have been banned - gas, electric, whatever. So, why is that? Is it due to the environmental impact of old machi

A Michigan man has found his own personal solution to high gas prices in an interesting three-wheeled enclosed scooter which leans into turns from a Chinese company known as Xingyue. Before this story, we were not at all familiar with the company, though a Google search does turn up a little information. Powered by a 150cc single cylinder four stroke engine, the scooter is capable of traveling on any road that is not a major highway and is fully street legal. The new owner estimates that he is g