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With the pull out of Porsche, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Ferrari, Land Rover and Rolls-Royce, Nissan and Infiniti from this year's Detroit Auto Show in January, there's a lot of empty space on the show floor of Cobo Hall that needs to be filled. Chinese automakers will be the direct beneficiary of everyone's lack of interest in Detroit, as both BYD Auto and Brilliance will be moved out of the basement, otherwise known as Michigan Hall, and onto the main floor of Cobo for the first time. They'll be occu

We remember back in 2005 2006 when the first Chinese automaker to exhibit at the Detroit Auto Show made history just by attending. That would be Geely, and though its display was relegated to the front lobby, the motoring press was impressed by its mere presence in the Motor City. Fast Forward to 2008 and the largest ever contingent of Chinese automakers has just been announced as confirmed for this year's Detroit Auto Show. They include Changfeng Motor Group, BYD Auto Co., China America Automot