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Down in the basement of Cobo Hall is where the Chinese automakers are grouped together. If you're going to be going to the show in the coming days, I recommend making your way downstairs to see the cut-in-half BYD F6-DM hybrid. I have never seen a more detailed (consumer-level) explanation of how a plug-in hybrid works on a display stand. Thanks to a series of lights and lots of descriptive panels, you can watch the "electricity" flow from an outlet into the car and then to the powertrain. You c

Do hybrids and pure electric cars help reduce CO2 emissions? Not in China, according to Tatehito Ueda, a managing officer at Toyota Motor Corp, in this article from Reuters. The problem, as you might expect, is how China produces its electricity (mostly from coal). Ueda told Reuters, "In France, 80 percent of electricity is produced by nuclear stations so if electric cars replace fossil fuel cars then you have a clear reduction in the emission of CO2. But in China they make electricity by burnin