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L.A. Auto Show, Chevy Volt and the Lincoln Navigator | Autoblog Podcast #563

Los Angeles was full of amazing cars this year

Los Angeles was full of amazing cars this year.

12 used hybrids and EVs that aren't dreary, impractical or a Prius

In the wake of the U.N.'s dire climate change report and our recommendation that buying a used hybrid or EV is the best way to lower your automotive carbon footprint, here are 12 choices to consider.

The 2019 Chevy Volt and Bolt represent excellence without excitement

There's a lot to love in these cars, so why don't we love them a lot?

There's a lot to love in these cars, so why don't we love them a lot?

GM plans to boost Chevy Bolt production by 20 percent

GM says global demand is up more than 40 percent for the first 6 months

GM says global demand is up more than 40 percent for the first 6 months.

Chevy Volt may get killed off by 2022

Report says the move would make way for battery-electric cars and crossovers.

Report says the move would make way for battery-electric cars and crossovers.

Buying Guide
Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and EV Buyer's Guide: Which one do you want?

Making sense of these three high-tech powertrains.

If you're shopping for a new vehicle these days, there's a litany of acronyms, buzzwords, and technobabble to further complicate an already difficult decision. But if you're looking at a green powertrain, you have three basic choices to compare: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and "EV" or, electric vehicle.

Chevy Bolt EV outsells Volt for third consecutive month

By a large margin, too

September is also the seventh-straight month of Bolt EV sales increases.

Open Road
The Chevrolet Volt doesn't get enough respect

Based on its' capabilities, features and how it drives, it deserves more appreciation and consideration in the market.

GM's Maven now lets you rent cars for up to 28 days

The new extended-rental program is called Maven Reserve.

Facing Bolt and Tesla, Nissan running out of time to keep EV leadership

Are Potential Buyers Holding Off And Waiting For The Bolt?

January sales slump for the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle continues where last year left off.

2016 Chevy Volt auctioned off to help the robots

FIRST Robotics Program Has Been Around Since 1989

Organizers hope to get about $40,000 for the second-generation extended-range plug-in vehicle.

Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf go nearly the same all-electric miles a year

Range-Extender Makes Folks Bolder

Chevrolet Volts travel almost the same all-electric miles as Nissan Leafs.

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2016 Tech of the Year | Autoblog Minute

Deliberation on the winners of Autoblog's Tech of the Year Award is under way. Nominees for best car in 2016 are: the Tesla Model S, the Chevy Volt and the BMW 7 series. Nominees for best tech in 2016 are: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, VW's MiB II with AppConnect, Ford Sync 3, Audi Virtual Cockpit, the Smart Cross Connect App, and Volvo Sensus. Autoblog's Chris McGraw reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.

Bob Lutz has some advice for 'troubled' Tesla Motors

Mounting Losses, Capital-Intensive Showrooms Offset 'Fabulous' Car

Former GM executive, who helped develop the Chevy Volt, questions the EV maker's future.

Open Road
The real costs of keeping a Chevy Volt on the road

Used Chevy Volts are appearing on the market at an increased rate, but many potential buyers are afraid of electrical-system parts and repair costs. There's now a clearer picture of replacement costs and more options for battery repair and maintenance are showing up.

Used plug-in vehicle prices dropping rapidly

Used Nissan Leafs, Chevy Volts Available For Fraction of New-Vehicle Price

Prices for used plug-in vehicles plunge on cheap leases, glut of lease returns from 2012.

How Chevy used popular Instagram user to promote 2016 Volt

Photographer Has 181,000 Instagram Followers

Chevrolet brings popular Instagram photographer to Detroit to publicize next-generation Volt.

Watch a camo'ed next-gen Chevy Volt go ice driving

Chevrolet shows the next-generation 2016 Volt tacking snow and ice in a short video caught at its Michigan proving grounds.

Former Fisker CEO has some advice for Tesla Motors

Tony Posawatz Questions ZEV Credit Sales, Suggests More Effort Go Into Model 3

Former Fisker Automotive CEO and ex-Chevrolet Volt vehicle-line director Tony Posawatz has some words of caution for Tesla Motors. The long-time automaker executive questions the California automaker's long-term viability – and gives some praise – in a talk with Benzinga, which you can listen to below.

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