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Junkyard Gem: 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport Coupe

Definitely not Euro and barely Sport, but at least Chevy's midsize coupe looked the part

eBay Find of the Day: 1983 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport Dragster

Ah, the Eurosport, Chevrolet's well-executed package for classing up the '80s A-Body front-drivers. Catch a Eurosport in your peripheral vision quickly, and it'd be easy to mistake it for a Volvo 7-series, or even an Audi 5000 (G). What we have here is a time capsule in two ways. First, the Celebrity was GM's redemption from the X-Body's failure to deliver on its potential. The Celebrity is the vehicle where the General got its act together, fully years before the Taurus, too. Secondly, this par