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Chery launches micro hybrid A5 BSG in China

Over in China, former Bricklin and former Chrysler partner Chery Motors has finally launched its A5 BSG sedan. The BSG is kind of like GM's mild hybrid system, but without the nickel metal hydride battery. It's essentially nothing more than an auto-start stop system on on the compact sedan. The belt-starter-generator (hence the BSG) system was developed in cooperation with powertrain specialists Ricardo. Fifty of these cars were provided for officials to use during last summer's Olympic Games in

Chery to begin production of budget hybrid this year

As it currently stands, gas in China costs about half what it does in most other countries, and the government spends billions to keep it that way. This being the case, expensive hybrids like the Toyota Prius don't sell in very large numbers. Still, there are a number of analysts who predict that gas will go up in China and that cheaper hybrids could begin to get a foot-hold in the Chinese market. To test the hybrid waters, Chery has introduced its home market to a new inexpensive mild hybrid bu

Chery to launch A5 hybrid production in October

Upstart Chinese automaker Chery is getting ready launch production of its first hybrid in October. The A5 hybrid sedan is targeted at the low end of the market. As such, it uses a less expensive mild hybrid system rather than a strong hybrid like the Prius. The A5's mild hybrid, which was developed with powertrain consultant Ricardo, provides a 15 percent improvement in fuel efficiency. Earlier this year, Chery built a 50-vehicle test fleet of Sam Abuelsamid

Chery to debut A5 hybrid models at Olympics

Click above for more high-res shots of the Chery A5 hybrid

Chery unveiling first mass-produced Chinese hybrid in Beijing

Can we call this a Chery bomb? Chinese automaker Chery just dropped a bomb on the 2006 Ninth Beijing International Auto Exhibition. According to Autoblog Chinese, Chery introduced a hybrid Chery A5 ISG. The A5 is one of Chery's more popular family vehicles. This will be the first hybrid to be mass-produced in China.