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Over the weekend in Beijing, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure pioneer Better Place announced that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with China's Chery Automotive. The deal will help Better Place bring its oft-talked about battery-swapping technology along with its EV charging infrastructure over to China.

Prospective Chrysler partner Chery Automobile has unveiled their first hybrid model at the Beijing International Auto Exhibition. Based on the Google translation of the press release, the A5ISG (yet another model name that rolls right off the tongue!) is a parallel hybrid, with a 1.3L four cylinder gas engine, permanent magnet motor and batteries. Presumably, the 519 MT is a manual gearbox.

Those who're reckoning to check out the first Chinese vehicle coming to the U.S. may want to book a trip to Columbus, Ohio. Sib site Blogging Ohio posts that not one, but two auto distributors have obtained the rights to distribute Chinese vehicles.