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Cadillac to market new XTS to the Town Car set

General Motors is hoping to snag buyers who'd otherwise be driving an Audi A6, BMW 5 Series or Mercedes-Benz E-Class when it launches the new Cadillac XTS next year. That may prove a tall order, but the General is going about it in an interesting way

Need a chauffer? How about one driving the Nissan X-TRAIL Fuel Cell Vehicle?

To go along with the test drives that Nissan already allows in Japan, they will be allowing the use of their X-Trail hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as chauffeur-driven hired-car vehicles. According to this article, the vehicle's fuel cell, batteries and motor provide similar performance to their gasoline counterparts, minus the emissions. As all of you probably know, the fuel cell creates electricity which charges the battery, making this an electric vehicle.

BMW chauffers channel The Transporter for IMF-World Bank meetings

Yes, The Transporter wasn't Oscar material, but we'll gladly admit it's on our list of three-AM guilty pleasures. We've dreamed, even schemed, about losing our day job, selling all our worldly possessions and buying a luxury sedan, all in an effort to become a driver for hire. Normally, some kind of fiscal reality check pops up to dissuade us. That, and the driver in Ronin gets his throat slit ear to ear, so, that's kind of a buzz kill.