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Dodge Challenger preproduction body shells caught on camera

click above image to view more pics of these Dodge Challenger body shells

Challenger SRT-8 with 510 HP in the works?

Mopar faithful are speculating that Chrysler’s speed freaks are working on an SRT version of the upcoming Challenger. Since an official green light has not been given for the Challenger Concept that debuted earlier this year at the Detroit auto show, this may be a case of fans attempting to will their dream into reality, but a 510-hp, 6.4L Hemi V8 does sound better than sheep jumping a fence.

Chrysler polls Challenger forum for production ideas

The forum Challengertalk.com is an online community dedicated to seeing the Challenger Concept make the short jump from auto show exhibit to showroom floor. The community has been lucky enough to be chosen by Chrysler to participate in some polls that allows the manufacturer to gauge which drivetrains and options might be most popular on the production version of the muscle car concept.