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Now matter how you slice it – and no matter how many of us admit to doing it – distracted driving is pretty dumb. At first blush, then, it seems odd that a new poll commissioned by InsuranceQuotes.com indicates that well-educated and well-to-do American drivers are the most likely culprits of distracted driving.

The NHTSA is combatting distracted driving – Click above to watch the video

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has released new survey results stating that over one-third of the motorists it polled are driving scared. More specifically, they feel less safe than they did back in 2004. Thing is, 2008 was the safest year to drive a car since 1961, and adjusted for population growth, the safest year in American motoring history. Yet Americans feel less safe. Why? Yakking on cell phones and texting while behind the wheel were cited as the main reasons. In other words, dis

For as long as there has been traffic enforcement, drivers from different states have gathered to compare notes on whose police and legal systems are the most oppressive and toughest to deal with. While most such conversations rarely progress beyond the anecdotal, the folks over at the National Motorists Association have actually gone to the trouble of ranking all 50 states using a set of seventeen criteria, just in time to adjust your travel plans ahead of this weekend's Memorial Day holiday.