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Artist uses rust as brush to paint cars

There's a thin line between patina and outright decay, and artist Bo Lundvang seems to understand that threshold all too well. He's created unique pieces of art using massive 40-inch by 20-inch sheetmetal panels wrapped in white vinyl. The artist cuts out the profile of his desired image, removes the negative and allows the metal to endure the elements. Once the panels have reached the appropriate level of patina, Lundvang seals the pieces in several layers of clear coat to prevent further deter

First Swedish Koenigsegg crashed

Included in the cost of every Koenigsegg CCX is the tuition for a high performance driving school. One owner decided to opt out of the school and subsequently wrecked his brand new CCX within 18 hours of taking delivery. The nephew of one of the owners of H&M (a store that sells high end clothing at economical rates) attempted to pass another vehicle, moved into the oncoming lane, lost control and spun, colliding with a garbage truck.

Track day number 1 with Koenigsegg CCX

"That's one hot Swede." Not sure who said it, but if this phrase conjures up images of the Swedish bikini team, you might be disappointed to learn he was referring to the CCX. Then again, you somehow found your way to Autoblog, so maybe not.

Koenigsegg CCX has OFFICIAL US debut in Las Vegas

Visited Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace Sunday night where (unlike our Thursday encounter at Doria's Haus of Pizza) they officially unveiled the Koenigsegg CCX at a VIP party that introduced the car to (other) journalists and potential customers alike. Although we just saw the car a few days ago, it had been buffed out and looked pretty nice under the lights in the Exotic Cars showroom. Some more of the