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Many people likely think of castor oil as a medicinal product, and, according to the Food and Drive Administration, it is in fact effective as an over-the-counter laxative. Yum! Auto parts supplier Denso has found another use for the oil that comes from the castor bean: construction of certain plastic components. Specifically, the first castor oil plastic product to roll out of Denso's Japanese labs is as a radiator tank. We suspect that Toyota is the first automaker that will feature the tanks,

While most people will remember castor oil as something to use as medication, it is now being considered as a feedstock for biofuels. A number of different crops are currently used to make biodiesel, but are these crops really the optimal source? The various feedstocks for biodiesel have a widely varying biodiesel yield. Soybeans are usually the main source for biodiesel, because they are plentiful worldwide and because soybean growers have been promoting the use of soy oil in biodiesel. The cos