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How to Replace a Carburetor on Most Cars

A carburetor’s function is to meter incoming air, mix the appropriate amount of fuel with that air, and deliver the mixture to the engine.

How to Check the Choke on a Carbureted Engine

The choke is a plate in the carburetor that opens and closes to allow more or less air into the engine.

How to Tune and Adjust Your Carburetor

While all modern cars use computer-controlled fuel distribution systems, there are still many vehicles on the road that employ the traditional carbureted method of fuel delivery.

How Long Does a Fuel Return Hose Last?

Most of the older cars on the market have a carburetor that helps to disperse the fuel that is need during the combustion process.

How Long Does a Carburetor Last?

The carburetor combines fuel and air in the engine by using an intake vacuum supply.

How Long Does an Accelerator Pump Last?

If you drive a newer vehicle, you may not be familiar with accelerator pumps.

How to Buy a Good Quality Fuel Injector

Getting fuel directly to an engine is accomplished through an electronic fuel injector; with each cylinder getting its own dose of fuel which is much more efficient than the ways carburetors would send fuel directly to the engine in the past.

How to Buy a Good Quality Carburetor

Vehicles are now manufactured using a fuel injection system in order to provide the engine with the proper fuel-air mixture.

How to Buy a Good Quality Accelerator Pump

Nestled down in the carburetor’s fuel bowl is a little pump that provides extra sprays of needed fuel in situations like starting the car or passing on the highway.

How Does the Fuel System Work in a Modern Car?

Cars have evolved a staggering amount over the last decade, and the biggest issue that manufacturers addressed with those advancements involves the amount of fuel used by the engine.

How Does the Carburetor Work Within the Fuel System?

The carburetor is responsible for mixing gasoline and air together in just the right amounts and getting that mixture into the cylinders.