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The emerging skepticism about carbon capture

Despite the drubbing some of us are taking this winter there are still the same CO2-induced global warming predictions being made and so reducing the amount of carbon that's emitted to our skies appears to remain necessary. One of the ways that has been touted as the most promising has been carbon c

Closed-cycle CO2 cars might be a reality one day

Do you hate the idea of your car spewing exhaust? There might be a way to stop it without using any expensive batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. According to the New York Times, a pair of scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) are working on a way to trap exhaust fumes (by blowing them over a liquid solution that contains potassium carbonate) and recycle the trapped carbon into ei

DOE scraps advanced coal fired power plant in Illinois

Plans to build a nearly emissions-free coal fired power plant in Illinois have been thrown into chaos now that the Department of Energy has pulled out of the project. Plans for the FutureGen plant began over a decade ago with a cost of about $1 billion. With the cost now over $1.8 billion, DOE as decided to bail out the project. DOE was going to cover 75 percent of the cost of the plant that was to produce electricity and hydrogen and feature carbon capture and sequestration. Instead, the Energy

DECARBit project tries to capture carbon the cheapest way possible: before combustion

The DECARBit project is an investigation paid for by the European Union to study carbon capture technologies during the precombustion process of coal and gas. Norway is also part of the project, via SINTEF (Norway does not belong to the EU).

Movigi does the unnecessary and develops an artificial tree that captures CO2

As we should always do with "breakthrough technologies," let's take this with a pinch of salt. A Spanish company named Movigi Spain Air Filter claims that they have developed a sort of artificial tree that is able to capture CO2 from the atmosphere by means of synthetic photosynthesis. We should say that the company, which worked with scientists from the Universitat Jaume I in Castelló in Spain, claims to have developed the large device that

A view about carbon capture projects around the world

Carbon capture is a dream for oil companies and other polluting industries. It goes like this: power plants that are able to capture more than 80 percent of CO2, carbon pipes that take liquified CO2 down to old oil wells, and also mass producing hydrogen. Something that will allow the world to lick the last drops of oil, coal and gas guilt-free. Spanish newspaper El País has published a very interesting article on the possibilities of this technology, which

Europe decides to push forward with carbon capture

Carbon capture is here and the EU is trying hard to push it forward. In an article published by economy newspaper Cinco Días, it's explained that the big problem is overcoming the high costs associated with the process. It's estimated that reducing 80 to 90 percent of the CO2 emissions from a power plant increases the price of energy 35 to 85 percent. Experts mentioned by the newspaper state that a reasonable target for 2020 is making carbon capture affordable at 20 to 30 EUR per ton.