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Which Month Is The Best Month To Buy A New Car?

Throw out everything you thought you knew about when to car shop

Throw out everything you thought you knew about car shopping. According to a big new study from TrueCar, August -- not late December as is commonly accepted -- is the best month to buy a new car.

Are Americans Too Big To Drive Small?

Analysts say our waist size will keep us from buying small cars in big numbers

Automakers have long tried to figure out how to get Americans to buy smaller cars. But at least one analyst says there may be little point in trying.

Vintage Cars With Low-Miles Sold At Auction

Some cars sold this weekend's had less than 20 miles on the odometer

A two-day auction this past weekend drew over 10,000 people and featured mostly unsold Chevrolets that have sat untouched for decades. Many of the rare cars and trucks had less than 20 miles on the odometer.

Cal Worthington, Famed West Coast Car Dealer, Dies At 92

He was famous for ads showing him paired with exotic animals

Cal Worthington, who built a fortune from a series of West Coast auto dealerships and became a TV fixture thanks to folksy car lot commercials urging customers to "Go see Cal," has died. He was 92.

Rare Ferrari Fetches $27 Million At Auction

The Ferrari shattered the world record for most paid at auction for a road car

A rare 1967 Ferrari owned by a North Carolina orphan-turned-millionaire sold at auction for $27.5 million.

Several Popular Small Cars Fare Poorly In New Crash Test

Nissan Sentra, Kia Soul and Kia Forte performed especially badly

Six of 12 small cars performed well in front-end crash tests conducted by an insurance industry group, but some popular models fared poorly in the safety evaluations.