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Higher fuel prices? Higher registration taxes? Economic downturn? Might these three issues be the reasons why cars that produce more than 200 g/km of CO2 just aren't being purchased in Spain as much as they used to be. Sales of vehicles in this segment sunk by 44 percent during the first four months of 2008, compared to 2007 figures. All car sales were down, but the most polluting cars were the most affected: Vehicles producing between 161 and 200 g/km of CO2 sold 30 percent less, while sales o

We take it for granted that Europeans love diesels. This is quite a save statement if you're talking about countries like France or Spain, where diesel sales make up around 65 percent of all car sold. This might be changing, though, as recent changes in fuel prices has made the diesel vehicles less attractive. Since February, diesel has been more expensive than gasoline in Spain. The same shift happened in France in May and a similar situation is happening in Germany. This brings about at least

This is a post about one of the car market's most known voices: The Kelly Blue Book. According to KBB's latest marketing research study, more consumers are changing car shopping habits because of gas prices. And it's not a small number who are looking for help: KBB's report states 60 it's percent. Furthermore, 43 percent stated that they could consider seriously buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle if gas prices goes up another 25 cents over current levels.

You might remember that France has a tax rebate system (bonus/malus) for vehicles depending on their CO2 emissions. As in the UK and in Spain, car sales in the first trimester of 2008 have been remarkably affected. For instance, 50 percent of car sales are of vehicles under four meters long.

Overall, car sales in the U.S. dropped about three percent last month, which was not as bad as some analysts were guessing. The somewhat better news for HEV fans is that sales of hybrids dropped only 1.9 percent, according to number crunching by Green Car Congress. The number of hybrids sold in the U.S. (excluding GM hybrids) last month was 22,859. Most of those, 18,130 units, were Toyotas. You can probably guess that the Prius made up more than half of the overall hybrid sales, with 12,494 unit