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How to Use Car Jacks and Jack Stands

Since the invention of the modern vehicle, car owners have utilized jacks and jack stands in some shape or form to raise their vehicles in order to perform maintenance.

What Does the Jack Mode Warning Light Mean?

Height adjusting suspensions were first introduced in the 1950’s as a way to keep the car level regardless of how much weight is being carried.

How to Properly Use a Floor Jack and Jack Stands

Jack stands are important tools that keep a vehicle propped up after having used a floor jack, like a scissor jack or a hydraulic jack, to lift a vehicle.

What Essentials Do I Need to Keep in My Car?

Many of us think of “car essentials” as those items we always keep stocked in our center consoles and door pockets, like chapstick, napkins, and phone chargers.

How to Change a Tire

If you have not changed your own vehicle’s tire before, it can seem like quite a big job to do.

How to Buy a Good Quality Jack Stand

If you’re putting your car in the air for any reason other than changing a spare tire, you need to use jack stands.

How to Buy a Good Quality Car Jack

Whether you’re changing a spare tire on the side of the road or you’re doing your own maintenance in the garage, one thing is sure – you have to get at least one wheel off the ground.

All About Car Jacks and Stands

Almost everyone has changed a tire at some point in their life.