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Older shoppers more likely to buy new cars

A new University of Michigan study reveals that people between the ages of 55 and 64 are most likely to be purchasing a new vehicle – one new car was sold for every 14.6 licensed drivers in that age bracket – suggesting that automakers should be targeting that demographic when trying to move cars from the showroom. The report, comparing licensed driver data in the US from 2007 to 2011, also revealed that drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 were the least likely to buy a new vehicle

On the irrationality of buying a plug-in vehicle

With mass-market production electric vehicles (EVs) finally hitting the market, some people are taking the time to look at what motivates buyers to consider purchasing a battery-powered auto instead of just a regular old gas burner. High price tags can deter many potential EV buyers, but is the act of selecting a plug-in vehicle a rational choice that's likely to be influenced by price or a commitment to save the environment? Well, Dan Ariely, professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at

Study: Car buyers not impressed by celeb endorsements. How about you? [w/poll]

As Americans, there's no denying we have a healthy obsession with the lives of celebrities. From movie stars like Will Smith down to reality television "stars" like The Situation, people are curious as to what's going on in their world. What clothes do they wear, where do they get their groceries and what kind of car(s) do they buy? Sometimes a celebrity won't have much say in the vehicle they drive because they sign a sizable endorsement dea