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Automakers and ethanol producers fight Minnesota emissions rules

Legislators in Minnesota have introduced bills in the State House and Senate that would have the state adopt California's emissions standards. These California rules, which also include limits on carbon dioxide emissions, have been adopted by at least a dozen other states. The limits on greenhouse gas emissions are currently the subject of a lawsuit by California and other states against the EPA, which den

Florida joins California in lawsuit against the EPA over new emissions rules

When the state of California got turned down by the Environmental Protection Agency in December in their request for a waiver to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, they wasted no time in suing the feds. California wants to regulate emissions of carbon dioxide from vehicles and

Republican presidential hopefuls pander to California on CO2 emissions

With the field of potential nominees to be the Republican candidate for president this year rapidly dwindling, the front runners at the moment are now hitting the most delegate-heavy states in preparation for next weeks "Super Tuesday" primaries. Twenty-one states will go to the polls next week including California where environmental concerns are one of the big issues. During a debate on CNN on Wednesday evening former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain both Sam Abuelsamid

Judge dismisses California greenhouse nuisance lawsuit

One of the first stories I wrote when I started here last year was about the lawsuit filed by then California Attorney General Bill Lockyer against six automakers. As I approach the end of my first year, that story has drawn to a close. Lockyer had filed a public nuisance lawsuit claiming that greenhouse gas emissions were damaging California.