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Buick Regal Coupe in the works?

Word from Auto Express is that General Motors has given Vauxhall the go-ahead on a new coupe project based on the Epsilon II platform. That may mean that a similar model is headed to the land of the free under the Tri-Shield badge. After all, wherever Vauxhall goes these days, Bui

Report: an Opel Calibra this way comes, inspired by the GTC Concept

2007 Opel Gran Turismo Coupe Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Vauxhall Calibra coupe successor mooted - could a Buick follow?

As CAR magazine tells it, Opel (and Vauxhall) Calibra might be in line for a successor based on the Opel Insignia, better known as the Buick Regal in North America. Said to be operating under the project name New Calibra for the momen

From Thailand with Love: Aston Martin DBS replica based on Opel Calibra

Aston Martin DBS replica based on Opel Calibra – Click above for image gallery

The Opel Calibra could be reborn from the GTC concept

Back in 1990, Opel introduced a sleek new front-wheel-drive Vectra-based coupe called the Calibra to replace the old Manta. The Calibra was popular in Europe through most of the decade and formed the basis for Opel's DTM efforts in the early to mid '90s before fading into the sunset. In the last few years, Opel and Vauxhaul have offered the now discontinued RWD Holden Monaro coupe and now they are looking for a replacement, which may end up