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Bipartisan group of House Reps calls for 35 mpg standard in final CAFE bill

Earlier this week, a small but bipartisan group of U.S. Representatives brought the CAFE debate back into the forefront, however briefly. The CAFE debate was big news a few weeks ago, but stories move on and Iraq, Alberto Gonazales and the race for president have filled the political pages once again. The energy bill (of which CAFE discussions are a part) still needs to be hammered out, so it's good to see more support for higher-mpg cars.

Detroit says Nissan wins from new fuel economy legislation

In the eyes of the Detroit carmakers, the big winner from the energy bill passed in the Senate this week is Nissan. One of the oddball quirks of the original CAFE regulations was a separation of domestic and import vehicle fleets for purposes of calculating the averages. This resulted in strange scenarios such that most American of cars the Ford Crown Victori

CAFE update - negotiations, compromises and the looming fall

Negotiations over CAFE standards in the Senate continued today, with Democrats Harry Reid and Carl Levin leading somewhat oppositional camps, the New York Times reports.

Deal expected on new fuel economy regulations

It looks like Michigan's senior senator has won a reprieve for his biggest corporate constituents in the new fuel economy bill that's working it's way through the US Senate right now. Following hearings this week where the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee heard from various automaker representatives, Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan got a con