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Cadillac has just unveiled the CTS Coupe Concept and there was a line in Caddy design head's short presentation of this amazing-looking two-door (which I wasn't recording, because who expected something greenish from Cadillac after they already introduced the Provoq on the stand?) about the CTS Coupe being perfect for a diesel engine. I'll have a video of GM's Bob Lutz introducing the Provoq on the dias later, but for now thought some of our readers just might enjoy being able to wish for a clea

Last March at the Geneva Motor Show, General Motors unveiled a new 2.9L turbo-diesel V-6 intended for the European market version of the new Cadillac CTS. The 250 hp oil-burner would make a great addition to the US market CTS as well as numerous GM products. The only problem is that ever since it was introduced, GM has consistently said they have no plans to bring the engine to the US market. It now looks like GM's plans may be changing.